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Written by David Tatum, USAT Level 1 coach and IRONMAN All World AthleteLet’s face it, swimming seems to the weakest of the three sports for the majority of triathletes. For whatever reason, many athletes come to the sport with a running or biking background and have to learn more about the swim than anything else.

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TUCSON, AZ (April 19, 2016) — is continuing its success increasing sustainability throughout the company’s operations. Celebrating Earth Day, the company has multiple programs in place to help reduce the company’s carbon footprint. TriSports provides tours of its facility to students, business professionals, engineers, and architects to demonstrate how a company can adopt any
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5 Bike Repair Lessons for Triathletes


Written by Becky Bader, Age-Group Triathlete and Former TriSports Elite Athlete

Before transitioning into IRONMAN triathlon, I spent many years racing bikes and occasionally working at bike shops in between jobs that some might consider to be more related to my Ph.D. When I quietly told my bike racing friends and fellow bike shop
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TUCSON, AZ (April 6, 2016) – continues to excel in its conservation efforts with several programs in place to reduce the business’ carbon footprint. The company has added another milestone to its list of sustainability accomplishments; new packaging is being used to replace corrugated boxes in order to decrease its environmental impact. This change
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Choosing a Wetsuit: Buoyancy is not everything!


Written by Eric Levario, Age-Group Triathlete and Customer Service Specialist

There is a lot of angst and a lot of questions that come up when looking for a wetsuit for triathlons. I emphasize “for triathlon” because these suits fit tight and allow minimal amounts of water in your suit. The term wetsuit implies that
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